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Although great care is taken in compiling the information on this website, it is for the general guidance only. IHMH cannot guarantee the provision of all courses and services in the event of circumstances beyond its control and therefore reserves the right to make changes or cancel any course or syllabus without notice should this be necessary. It is also noted that the choice of subjects may be limited by considerations of timetable, staffing and/ or available seats in a course.

The information published in this website is correct as of the time of publication, but no guarantee can be given that it will not be amended before, or during, the degree programmes to which it refers. The information in this section of the Website / downloads originating from the website is intended to act as a guide to the persons seeking admission to the Institute and shall not be deemed to constitute a contract between the Institute or any third party.

References to the requirements of outside professional bodies are not intended to be complete or exhaustive at the time of publication since they are subject to change. Accordingly, those interested are advised to make direct contact with the professional bodies concerned to ascertain their up-to-date requirements.

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this site. However, the Institute reserves the right to amend, change or delete any programme of study or academic regulation at any time having given due consideration to students who are already enrolled. Furthermore, the Institute reserves the right to alter or delete any of the information included at any time and it shall not be bound by any errors or omissions and cannot accept liability in respect thereof.

The IHMH gives no undertaking about the contents of its programmes, their timing or specific teachers involved and reserves the right to alter these as circumstances dictate. The Institute reserves the right at any time to withdraw or amend the content of any course forming part of a programme. This may be necessary to allow programmes to keep abreast of the latest developments or discoveries in the discipline. Admission to the IHMH for any particular programmes is granted to the student on the understanding that the programme is liable to change by such withdrawal or amendment. The Institute cannot guarantee that teaching will take place using specific teaching and research facilities and reserves the right to alter these as circumstances dictate.

Neither you nor the IHMH shall be liable to each other for any failure or delay in performing obligations, if the failure or delay is due to any cause beyond that party’s reasonable control, for example fire, flood or industrial dispute. All the legal cases, if any will be at the courts of Tiruppur in India, under Indian Penal Code only.  The Institution does not conduct coaching classes i.e., persons can study on their own and complete courses according to IHMH Scheme of Assessment & Syllabus.

The IHMH does not warrant that the information contained in this website / prospectus is complete and correct and shall not be liable for any damages incurred as a result of its use. Please Note: The random links to the external websites/ WebPages are provided and the contents of those sites/ pages are owned by the respective organizations. The information on IHMH web pages must be read in conjunction with the IHMH Prospectus. Education is changing rapidly and applicants must themselves ensure that they know the up-to-date situation and requirements.

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